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Helen & Alan's London to Vietnam Adventure

Normally when you want a photo of yourself you stand around looking for another tourist who looks honest and has a nice camera. If they have a camera then they probably know to take a photo. Once you see your target, you appoach and ask. Normally a quick photo is taken but little time or accuracy is taken over the photo. You then just hope that the photo has captured the scene the way you wish. The photos are often disappointing; someones not smiling or the background is not fully covered or you have been photo bombed by a large Russian in a 80’s style tracksuit.

The selfie stick (Xshot Pro) has come to the rescue. This device is a very small and light weight telescopic pole. It allows the user to mount the camera at the end of the pole, after selecting a delayed shot on the camera, lift…

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Matt Edgar writes here

Matlock Bath rock

Three days in the spectacular Derbyshire countryside with a bunch of clever, skillful doing and making people. Lots to digest, but for now here’s what I found in my notebook this morning…

  • “simple single purpose things”
  • learn > sell > make > record > learn >source > scale > repeat
  • the circus printer
  • Artefact cards + iPad + Gorillapod + projector
  • “do the first hundred of everything”
  • “a box of time and space”
  • 7 primary smells
  • perfumers as musicians
  • “a ghost version of you that’s trapped in the Internet”
  • “normcore”
  • archives as “explicit notes to the future”
  • “running on the smell of an oily rag”
  • museum of meta-data
  • loom bands 🙂
  • instructional YouTube videos
  • sharing friendship bracelets, sharing skills
  • spoons!
  • spoons for cooking easier than spoons for eating
  • we can recognise more logos than plants
  • “if you like how it sounds then you got it right for you”
  • “it’s exciting making things to make…

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Interesting thoughts on technology + domestic appliances from Rachel.

fabric of things

Ginetex Laundry Care Pictograms

A selection of the Ginetex Textile Care Labels

BERG announced Cloudwash this week, a very smart (in both senses of the word) prototype that uses their Devshield to turn a regular washing machine into a connected washing machine. Washes can be scheduled and programmed from your phone, and – on pressing a button – you can order laundry detergent directly from Amazon. It is one of the most useful and interesting expressions of the Connected Home that I’ve come across – and, like the best design fiction, it brings with it a set of complex new futures that touch equally on the mundane and the political.

And it does this in an interesting way. It’s a washing machine for people who don’t know how to use washing machines; who don’t need to wash a wide-range of fabrics, worry about how colourfast material is, or how wet or dry clothes are…

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I messed up and had to launch this blog again from scratch. But it’s a chance for a re-birth. Go follow it.

Open Plaques blog


We had a bit of an, er, issue with our blog, which means it’s been offline for some time. We’ve been trying to resurrect it, but that’s proven to be more difficult than we hoped.

So instead, we’re starting again. A new blog, a new theme, a new style. We might post more often. We might post shorter updates. Who knows.

We still hope to import the archive of old posts at some point in the future.

But for now, onwards.


The Open Plaques Team
(Jez, Frankie, Simon, Deirdre and Marvin)

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Thoughts from Jane on arts & digital.

Jane Finnis

This is the longer version of a think piece on digital that I did for the new Audience Finder project. It was published to coincide with a whole set of extremely useful new (free) resources that were produced by Culture24 and address some of the most commonly shared digital sticking points such as: mobile change, SEO, Google Analytics segmentation and social media evaluation. They were commissioned by The Audience Agency as part of their Audience Focus project. Get them here.

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I am a digital immigrant and I am fluent in webtalk.  I love sci-fi, nerdy conferences and Lord Of The Rings. I have an online presence on Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Flickr, Linkedin and edit five different WordPress blogs. I daily use…

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Pedway: Elevating London

Notes from a film I went to see last night.