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Agree with much of what Rachel says here. There’s a huge opportunity being missed. I did see a theatre performance in the local cinema recently though, and it was bloody good.

fabric of things

There has been quite a flurry of announcements and papers and policies about “digital culture” in the last ten days.


Taken collectively, these documents indicate a direction of travel for digital arts policy. There’s a palpable enthusiasm for populist arts broadcasting, which stands out amid a more general confusion with the ubiquity of and implications of technology.  A generous analysis is that the emphasis on broadcast and reach is timely when a value-for-money ethos is sweeping through government; a not-so generous one would see the prominence of…

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Getting this stuff (identity, privacy, authentication) right is hard.

Government Digital Service

There’s a group of people here at GDS working on a programme called IDA – which stands for Identity Assurance. We’re helping develop a secure service that lets people log in to online government services more easily.

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